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Giant Schnauzer

I can’t say enough great things about Allan and the rest of the K9 Off Leash team!  They are true professionals and understand that everyone’s needs are different.  Our pup had behavioral issues from the start.  Prior to Allan coming into our lives, we just attributed it to puppy behavior.  We had tried another trainer and had a horrible experience with no results.  We then found K9 Off Leash and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Thor is such a different dog.  They are by far one of the most fantastic and knowledgeable dog trainers around hand down.  They are patient and work with you throughout the whole process. They also keep in touch with you after.  Needless to say, we are amazed with our pup’s progress and look forward to our continuing relationship with them!  Highly recommend.  I promise you won’t be let down!!



K9 Off Leash was the BEST Investment !!! We took in our playful puppy (almost full grown) Doberman and she came back after a month of training as the perfect dog. Well mannered, no jumping on Furniture, respectful and positive attention to any command and most important of all, we can take her out anywhere and without a leash, she walks by your side, not getting distracted by cars, people or other animals, she doesn’t sniff around or even potty’s out on the street. We can open the door to guest, UPS etc, and she DOES NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO RUN OUT, instead she will sit still (in command) and wait until she’s told it’s ok to move. This also worked to potty train her, as she had not had 1 accident and sleeps throughout the night with no problem at all. Not only is this company professional and absolutely know what they’re doing, but the kindness and love they give to our babies, how clean they have of their facility and personal interest in ones, and the dogs needs, is what makes them the best dog training in South Florida. We are truly thankful for you K9 Off Leash !!!

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I came to K9 Off Leash for 1:1 private lessons and couldn’t  be more thrilled with the experience. In my case, after our consultation we focused on the areas that my dog and I needed the most help, there’s no cookie cutter program you're stuck with. I started with a very dog reactive Labrador who couldn’t walk across the street when there was another dog nearby, lunging, barking and yanking my arm out of the socket. This was turning into miserable daily walks considering we live downtown. By the end of our sessions, Alan had my dog off leash, in place, while another dog walked past him. Our lives have become so much better on the day to day after working with K9 Off Leash - would recommend putting in the time and effort with these guys. If you can’t get there yourself for 1:1 lessons, they also offer board and train opportunities at their facility that is large, clean and well looked after.

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Cannot recommend K9 Off Leash enough! They did such a fantastic job with my 84lb Newfoundland. Since I’ve picked my dog up from a 4 week board and train, I’ve been able to walk everywhere off leash and take her out in public without any anxiety. My dog seemed extremely happy during every visit and K9 Off Leash sent daily updates, which gave me peace of mind.

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K9 off leash was absolutely amazing! they totally transformed my pup for the better. she is so much more confident with herself, as i am confident with her. her listening skills and anxiety are amazing now! she’s so well behaved and she knows it! 100% recommend if looking to get your dog trained in the area! thank you K9 offleash!

Pit Mix

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Allan helped me so much training my Italian Greyhound puppy, Melvin! He is so knowledgeable about dog training and behavior and he helps train you so you can continue to train your pet well when the course is over. I am so lucky I am able to take Melvin everywhere with me because of all the training skills I learned with K9 Off Leash. The facility is fully equipped, clean and my dog loved running around in there! Will definitely take another course with Allan.

Italian Greyhound

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I am soooo thankful I was referred to Allan and the K9 team for training and boarding my very hyper and stubborn Doberman puppy. Allan took the time to work with me diligently to learn how to properly teach and train my Doberman to turn his destructive puppy behaviors into positive traits. Offering both private and group training, boarding, and activities such as field trips and walks was beyond helpful given my busy work schedule and the team is extremely accommodating! I felt safe and secure knowing my puppy was in the best hands and he loves going there! Thankful I found them and will continue to train my Doberman with them with the goal of him becoming a support and service animal. Thank you Allan and K9 fam!


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My dog Klaus is a young and hyper Boston Terrier. I tried training him myself at home and thought it was going well until he ran out the front door with absolutely no recall. After that day...I knew I needed help with training. I decided to go with k9offleash. Following their stories on instagram and saw how happy all the dogs looked including their regular, a Boston terrier named Dottie <3, I knew it was the right place for Klaus. Klaus did 4 weeks board and train. Just look at those pictures!! I’d never thought I’d be standing ft away from my dog and him not even flinching to take off. He even graduated early (my smart boy). They really helped me take my dog to the next level. Thank you Alan and K9offleash team! Highly recommended!

Boston Terrier

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This is a first rate facility. Staff are professional, friendly and courteous. Dogs have large rooms for playing and exercising. My dog enjoyed the air conditioner comfort of the facility. Alan provided intensive training for one of my aggressive dogs. He worked miracles with my  aggressive retriever. After the first of the year I'm going to have Alan  train another one of my dogs who is experiencing behavioral issues. K9 off-leash is an excellent facility for boarding, day care and training. Highly recommend.

Golden Retriver


Allan and his team are great. My shepherd is a big ball of energy and a little dog reactive so finding a boarding facility isnt easy. K9 Offleash is the only place I trust that he will be safe and taken care of. Nothing better than going away and knowing your dog will be in top shape when you return. Thanks again guys!

German Shepard


So many thanks to K9 Off Leash.  Helped us to overcome one major challenge, my Belgian Malinois loved chasing cars!!! Super dangerous. Now he may have a random event but -transformation is amazing and we continue to train in the way Allan showed us.

Belgin Malinois


This place is the bomb! The facility is comprised of clean and very large indoor and outdoor spaces, comfortabel A/C for the pups and most importantly a staff that goes above and beyond to care and train the doggos. Allan is a true professional trainer and is amazing at what he does. My favorite part is the love for dogs that is sensed in every staff member as well. I recommend Allan and Laura to every one of my friends and clients. Dogs big and small, fearful or aggressive, there is not one dog yet that Allan hasn't been able to help. If you think its too good to be true, go check them out for yourselves and you will be pleased!


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