K9 Off leash specializes in teaching dog owners how to train and manage their dogs using the latest cutting-edge systems based in scientific learning theory. Our systems work for all dogs, regardless of the age, breed, or prior training experience.

Appropriate behavior is important and essential for community safety. As an example, there are many different types of aggression… dominance aggression, possessive aggression, dog-to-dog aggression and fear-based aggression are just a few. We will help you learn how to deal with these potential problems, and many more, so that your dog is socialized and able to meet and greet other dogs.

In-home obedience training involves providing you, our client, with the skills and understanding of how to effectively train your dog through an individually tailored training program. We can assist with any general obedience training requirements as well as all other management issues including:
•       Pooping and peeing in the house
•       Taking food off the counter
•       Excessive barking when the doorbell rings
•       Jumping on people
•       Dog Aggression and much more…





Service animals are incredibly beneficial to the health and well-being of anyone with a disability, including physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability. Service animals are trained to handle a multitude of tasks for their human and understanding the requirements and responsibilities for these special dogs is imperative. We have the necessary accreditation to train and work with these life-enriching dogs.


Dog aggression takes many forms and at K9 Off Leash, we are proud to understand how to distinguish a variety of behaviors that cause aggression. We are experts at socializing your animal so that they can live and peaceful and social life.


With more than 25 years’ experience training dogs in every aspect from home obedience to competition, sports, film and television, and police work, Allan Castillo offers the best and most up-to-date K9 education perfectly suited for anyone who would like to learn more about the foundations of training , emotional control, building lasting, positive relationships with your dog and much more.


Would you like to learn how your canine friend can live the best life possible? At K9 Off Leash, we offer personalized training programs based on a comprehensive evaluation designed to put you and your dog at ease.

protection dogs

Trained to guard you at all times, protection dogs require a unique approach and a trainer who is thoroughly knowledgeable in this special type of training. Confident yet not aggressive, well-socialized and knowing when to back off are essential behaviors for personal protection dogs.

dogs for sale

We sell fully trained dogs, with the best pedigrees and blood lines. Our dogs come from North America and Europe. 

boarding / HEALTH

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) required yearly
  • Rabies (either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted)
  • Distemper or Distemper combo shots such as DHPP or DHLPP (either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted)


Do you think your dog has what it takes to be in film? We believe that many dogs are perfectly suited for their big role. BUT, it takes a special trainer to tap into the task-heavy training that can be more demanding and distracting that real-life training. Allan Castillo has more than 25 years’ experience and a long list of dogs with film, television and commercial credits.


IPO training takes Protection training to the next level. A challenging, three-part system for tracking, obedience and protection, this highly specialized training is used for police and military dog training and requires an expert handler adept at the nuances and requirements of the program.