Hi Laura and Allan, Congratulations on the opening of your new business, K9 Off Leash. We really appreciate you taking great care of Hugo, and the service of picking him up at our home, as we were running late for the airport. We made our flight on time thanks to you guys being there for us, and in short notice. You really took all the pressure off the stress of that day, preparing for our trip and getting out the door in time.

We’ve been friends for years, I’ve seen an increasing passion of yours toward the care of Animals. I think it’s an incredible that you’re investing your time to these noble causes. Rescue work, awareness to Cruelty, obedience training and even being committed vegans is something very special. I’m so proud of you guys, I’m happy to have you as friends.

I have not yet visited your new facility. It looks so cute from the photos. Hopefully, next time we’ll have more time to drop off Hugo and hang out with you for a minute. It seems like a happy place, I know that it’ll be a success. Thanks again, Best of Luck. See you soon.